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What were you thinking?...........Well, I am thinking of the word WAIT. It conjures up memories of childhood, I'm sure--as it does mine.
     "I WANT DINNER"   You need to wait.
     "I WANT TO BE IN HIGH SCHOOL"    You need to wait until you get older.
Fast forward to present........
     "I WANT TO GO SHOPPING"    I need to wait until pay day
     "I WANT A CRUISE"    Gotta wait.
....or how about this one--
     "I WANT SPRING!"    yes, but need to wait until the it's the right time
It seems that WAITING means that life is BORING!
Could be that waiting is a time of creativity. A time of action. Yes! ACTION! It's hard to wait, but in waiting appropriately, it is looking outward, and that is action. Or it might be looking internally at where you are--or where you want to be.
             That's ACTION too!
What is happening? What needs to change? What can I do about it? What's beyond my control?
You may feel the need to talk to a friend or a trusted counselor. Wherever you are in this time of WAIT, it can be purposeful. You may be growing a new YOU!

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